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The information on this site for the green-topped bin will not be relevant to the residents of the Shire of Toodyay because your green-topped bin goes to landfill. Please refer to your Waste Calendar for items to be placed in your green topped bin. Recycle Right will be regularly updated to meet the needs of the Toodyay community. Please continue to visit the site to make sure you Recycle Right!

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For a list of what goes in which bin, go to the Resource Recovery Guide A-Z in your waste calendar.

The materials in your yellow top bin are sorted at a recycling facility and sold to various markets. Making sure that items are LOOSE (i.e. not in plastic bags) & RINSED will help the recycler to find end uses for the materials.

What can be recycled?

  • All glass (includes broken glass)
Tip: take lids off & rinse out items
  • All plastics (includes glad wrap, loose plastic bags)
Tip: take lids off & rinse out items
  • All aluminium / steel cans & tins (includes aerosol cans, tin foil)
Tip: rinse out cans & tins
  • All dry paper / cardboard products (includes wax cartons, clean pizza boxes)
Tip: ensure there are no food residues

What can’t be recycled?

Placing these materials in your recycling bin can damage sorting equipment, and put workers at risk.

Please visit to find out how to dispose of these products:

  • Paint, batteries, fluorescent light globes etc.
  • Clothing, textiles, bedding
  • Nappies
  • Food scraps, garden waste
  • Large metal items e.g. car parts, gas bottles, electrical goods


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