Banana Leaf Packaging

Grocery stores are turning a new leaf when it comes to plastic.

Banana leaves are replacing plastic for grocery packaging.

In order to fight single-use plastics, supermarkets in Thailand and Vietnam have turned to a more eco-friendly solution to bundle their products. The world has produced roughly 9 billion tons of plastic so far … and will have produced 12 billion tons of plastic litter by 2050.

That litter will outnumber fish in the ocean in 2050. Only 9% of all plastic ever made is believed to have actually been recycled

Northeast Asia produced the most single-use plastics (26%) in 2014 (source UNEP). Vietnam dumped the 4th most plastic in the world. One of its supermarkets – Lotte Market in Ho Chi Minh City said the banana leaves are a test with hopes to expand it throughout Vietnam.

Thailand-based Big C. Supermarket is also testing out biodegradable corn bags.

Article and images courtesy Yahoo Finance