Containers for Change Kicking Off in June

WA’s Container Deposit Scheme kicks off on 2 June. This means WA
residents will be able to drop off empty bottles, cans and cartons
at refund points, and claim a 10 cent refund for each one. Eligible
containers include most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid
paperboard beverage containers which are typically consumed
outside the home. The City of Fremantle will operate a refund point
as part of the Containers for Change scheme at the Fremantle
Recycling Centre and Reuse Shop opposite the golf course on
Montreal Street. For more information visit the Containers for
Change website Watch this

Not-for-profits, schools and community groups can apply
for a grant of up to $2000 to help infrastructure at donation or
refund points. Visit for more
information. Applications due by 27 March.