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The lowdown on FOGO

By Stephanie Collins & the Recycle Right team What is a FOGO bin? FOGO stands for Food Organics & Garden Organics. A FOGO bin has a lime-green lid and is where you should dispose of organic food and garden waste from your household. Your FOGO bin is collected once a week, for more details on […]

Waste games collaboration wins award

Two Regional Councils were winners of the 2022 Local Government WasteSorted Award for their GREAT games and School Waste Education Day. The Resource Recovery Group (RRG) and the Western Metropolitan Regional Council (WMRC) worked collaboratively to co-create the GREAT Games education materials to communicate positive waste behaviours to the community in fun and engaging ways. […]

zero waste options

Reusables in the time of COVID

By Stephanie Collins & the Recycle Right team In the context of a pandemic, it is common to find yourself reassessing your lifestyle and priorities. We may now be prioritising health and lowering infection rates, but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our efforts in sustainability. The uncertainty of our situation reinforces a need […]

Grown for the bin: our problem with food waste

By Tegan Sharp The term food waste is often misunderstood as the kitchen scraps or inedible bits of food that go into the bin. In reality, the term is used to refer to all the perfectly edible food that goes uneaten. This includes the two week old asparagus at the bottom of your fridge, the old […]

What to do with aerosol cans?

By Stephanie Collins Aerosol cans are one the household items you may find yourself standing in front of the bin holding and thinking to yourself; ‘is this recyclable?’. While aerosols are primarily made of metals that can be recycled and the packaging may reflect that in their markings, they do not belong in your recycling […]

Planning the post-Christmas clear up

By Teresa Belcher The build up to Christmas is always so busy—putting up decorations, buying gifts and preparing for a Christmas feast—that the last thing on our minds is being proactive and planning in advance for the post-Christmas clean up. Here are five simple tips to get the Christmas clear up completed in no time. […]

Are you wish-cycling?

By Stephanie Collins Do you want to recycle as much as possible? Do you find yourself unsure of items to put in the recycling bin? Do you err on the side of caution and put items you aren’t certain of into the recycling bin? You may actually be wish-cycling! Wish-cycling is the throwing of items […]

Inspiration for Zero Waste Gift Giving

By Tegan Sharp The festive season is fast approaching and with that comes the exciting, or for some stressful, time of gift giving. While you may be dreading this time of year as it fuels all kinds of eco-anxiety around consumerism, there are loads of planet friendly presents you can choose to help take the […]