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The Garden Gurus – Recycle Right

The future of our grandchildren and their children in many ways lies in our hands. How we choose to live on a daily basis will have a vital impact on the future of our planet and those precious generations to come.

In a world that’s so big and moving so fast it can sometimes be hard to know how individually we can make a difference. By recycling our waste responsibly we can seriously contribute to a more positive future. Our local councils are giving us all the support we need, but they need our help to really make it count.

Recycle Right is a multi-faceted community education program, removing the confusion of what to put in which bin, no matter which council you live in. It gives you the tools you need to reduce, reuse and recycle right.

Recycle Right is a free smart phone app that provides us with all the information we need to get it right. Download the app then click on your local council.

Everything you need to know to make your recycling count is clearly explained, including what items should or shouldn’t be going into each of your bins. It also provides details with drop of points for those items that should never end up in your household bins in the first place. There’s no point in letting a simple mistake undo all our great work.

Another fantastic resource is the Recycle Right website, it’s full of brilliant information and you can even book a tour of this inspirational facility in Canning Vale and see firsthand the Waste Composting facility, Green Waste Facility and how general waste can be recovered and put to good use.

If you can’t get down here to see how things work first hand, jump on line and do a virtual tour. You will be amazed at the difference your individual contribution can make, or catch us at one of our many community events.

Another great way to ensure we’re all recycling right is to sign up for the monthly E-Newsletter.

By living mindfully and considering our future we can have a significant impact on how our world unfolds. Whether it’s saving water in and around the home or recycling correctly
it’s a fantastic feeling knowing that we have done the best we possibly can.

Recycling – Recycle Right

In 2015, Western Australians produced more than 6,000,000 million tonnes of waste. Now for every Western Australian it equates to around 1.6 tonnes of household waste and while this recycling is a great way to reuse things that we no longer need. Just avoiding the waste altogether is an even better idea. So we have got some great tips to reduce your impact on the environment.

Whilst plastic can be quite a durable light-weight product, it can take 100s of year to completely break down and the thing is many of us just don’t realise how much we use in our day to day lives. Things like coffee cups, straws, plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic weigh bags, we only use them for a short period of time but they can really have such a lasting impact so let’s think differently, let’s think reusable bags, reusable coffee cups, reusable water bottles even these little weigh bags like this, it’s a good idea, it’s not that hard a habit to get into, and if you want to stop things like junk mail, grab one of these, a little sticker that you can put up on the mailbox and you can purchase things that need little or no packaging and unwanted or unneeded goods, donate them to charity.

Food waste costs Australian households around 8 billion dollars a year and all that rotting food well it produces methane and methane of course contributes to climate change. So what can we do so we’re not throwing out limp lettuce and soggy salad. Well we can plan our meals carefully and our grocery shopping, only buy what we need, use up any leftovers and if we do have any scraps, compost bin, worm farm and we get to contribute to the garden.

While it’s important to reduce your waste, some things can’t be avoided and it’s really important to do the right thing so that items like that can be recovered. Luckily, Recycle Right has created this, it’s a really useful app, now have a look here.

So there are many misconceptions about what can and can’t go into your household bin. This app, well what it does is provides you with everything you need to help you Reduce, Reuse and Recycle correctly. For information on how you can do your bit, including how to download the app, factsheets, book a tour to see what happens to your waste, check out the virtual tours and lots more information, visit Recycle Right.

The Garden Gurus - Using Your Bins Correctly

It can be hard to know how we as individuals can make a difference in this crazy, fast moving world. Well there’s one thing for sure, if we get our recycling right we can make a serious contribution to the future of our planet.

Today I’m visiting the Southern Metropolitan Regional Council’s Regional Councils Resource Recovery Centre in Canning Vale, which is doing its part for the state, ensuring we all recycle right.

Look it’s really important to get a good understanding as to what can and can’t go in your household bins. Some items can’t go in the bin at all, and when they end up at a facility like this they can cost us a lot of money, break down the machinery, can be a hazard to the workers and are just a real big hassle to deal with.

Patrick I believe it’s ok to put even broken glass into our recycling bin.

It’s a common misconception that you can’t put broken glass into your recycling bin, but a lot of people don’t understand that it actually gets crushed up and turned into road base anyway so you can definitely place it into your recycling bin.

Well they’re doing an amazing job here mate it’s been great to be able to check it out.

Thanks for coming.

Something as simple as placing your recyclables into a plastic bag and then throwing the lot into the recycle bin is another major no, no…. The entire contents will be rejected, so please ensure all items are placed loosely into your bin. This way they can be sorted easily and efficiently

Our councils are doing a great job in helping us get Recycling Right, but something as simple as placing a disposable nappy in with the recycling instead of general waste where it belongs, can bring all our hard work undone.

Disposal nappies pose a serious health threat to the workers and can result in entire shipments being rejected and may also result in future export bans.

Non household items such as fire extinguishers, batteries, and electronic items must be disposed of properly; they don’t just belong in a household bin. Download the free recycle right App for the drop of points in your local area.

For more information, check out the website.

Learning to recycle right. Not only benefits us, but future generations to come.


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