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Do you Recycle Right?
State and Local Government have provided their combined support for a new recycling awareness campaign being launched today.

WA Local Government Association President Mayor Troy Pickard and Environment Minister Hon. Albert Jacob today launched the metro wide ‘That’s Rubbish’ recycling campaign to coincide with the start of National Recycling Week.

Mayor Pickard said the campaign was aimed at improving recycling rates and focused on common misconceptions about what should go into the recycling bin.

“West Australians are already doing a good job of recycling, with our current rate of recycling at 39% – but with a few simple changes, we could greatly improve these rates,” he said.

Mayor Pickard said the campaign would highlight changes including:
· ensuring items like nappies don’t go into the recycling bin;
· not disposing of hazardous items such as paint cans and gas bottles through the kerbside bin system but at special disposal sites;
· not putting recyclables in plastic bags; and
· rinsing out bottles, cans and containers.

Mayor Pickard said in order to reach the State’s target of diverting 50% of waste from landfill, community members could play an important role.

“Household recycling is dependent on the business of recycling being financially viable, the two drivers of which are costs and revenues,” Mayor Pickard said.

“The efficiencies required to keep costs down mean that sorting facilities do not have the capacity to remove the lids, rinse the containers and empty the plastic bags – which is why it is so important for householders to take up this role.”

The campaign will run across local newspapers and shopping centres in the metropolitan area over the next three months.

For more information about what to put in your recycling bin and how to treat items before their disposal, got to the Recycle Right website at


Mayor Troy Pickard, WALGA President 0409 209 649
Kate Murray, Marketing and Media Manager 0448 896 435


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