your recycling bin factsheet


The yellow-topped bin is for Recyclable waste, such as glass, paper and plastic

Yellow topped recycling bin

Aluminium cans Long-life cartons
Aluminium foil Lunch boxes
Beer bottles Magazines
Beer cartons Margarine tubs
Books Meat trays
Bottles (tops/lids off) Milk bottles and milk cartons
Bottles tops/lids Newspapers
Broken glass Paint tins (empty)
Carbon paper Paper towel rolls
Cardboard (boxes & other types) Paper bags
Cellophane Pet food tins (rinsed)
Ceramic (broken plates, pots) Phone books
Cereal boxes Pizza boxes
Coffee jars & cans Plastic containers
Computer paper Plastic bags (empty)
Cosmetic jars Plastic plant pots
Cups & saucers Plate glass
Cutlery (plastic) Plastic bottle lids
Cutlery (other) Pyrex (ovenware)
Drink cans Sauce bottles (rinsed)
Envelopes Seedling containers
Foil Soft drink bottles (empty)
Food cans (rinsed) Soft drink cans
Fruit juice cartons Spirit bottles (empty)
Glad Wrap Steel cans (rinsed)
Glass (ALL Types) Take-away food containers (rinsed)
Glossy magazines/brochures Toilet paper rolls (inner)
Greaseproof Paper Tops (jars/bottles)
Ice cream containers (cardboard) Waxed cardboard
Ice cream containers (plastic) Waxed paper
Jars Windowpanes
Jar lids Wine bottles
Juice cartons/bottles/containers Wrapping paper
Junk (small items) Yoghurt containers


Contents from your yellow-topped bin, are sorted and baled at the RRRC and sold for reprocessing.
Items should be LOOSE (not in plastic bags) and if possible, rinsed.

This includes:

  • All glass, even light globes & broken glass.
  • All plastic containers (empty), including salad dressing, tomato sauce, condiment bottles & empty plastic bags.
  • All cans & tins including aerosol cans & tin foil.
  • All paper products including wax cartons & pizza boxes.

    To assist waste and recycling operators in servicing your bin on collection day:

    • Bins should be placed within 1.5 metres of the road kerb by 6:00am on collection day, with the handles facing towards the property, without the bin blocking footpaths or driveways.
    • Place your yellow recycling bin about half a metre from the green bin to allow clear access for the side loading service vehicle’s grab arm.
    • Please do not overfill your bin as the rubbish and recycling trucks’ hydraulics cannot lift bins weighing over 70kg, or those overfull with the lid open.
    • Hot or burning ash, liquid wastes, oil, paint, solvents or heavy materials should not be placed in your bin as they may damage the bin, waste collection vehicle and the environment.
    • Your bin lid must close so that the contents do not spill when it is lifted or the lid does not blow open causing street litter.
    • Place your bin clear of parked cars, trees, poles, etc to allow clear access to the service vehicles.
    • Only waste placed inside the bin will be collected.


    • Return bins to your property as soon as possible.
    • Store bins in a shaded area.
    • Clean bins regularly.


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